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About Us

So you want to know more about us ? I don’t blame you in the least.


About Us

Offering everything from Cyber Consultancy to Cyber Essentials/Plus, and related products and services in between!


Our Backstory

Rory, our founder, started in IT in the late ’80s with his first IT Support role at Merseyside Training and Enterprise Council in 1993. He then worked for a variety of small and corporate organisations in senior IT roles.

In late 2010, he became disillusioned with working in a corporate environment and politics was getting in the way of doing the right thing (I’m sure we’ve all felt this way)  – as he’s always wanted to make a difference.


He left in November 2010, and started BespokeIT and steadily grew the business until in 2016 he decided to focus on Cyber Security and launched  CyberSecuritiesUK. He then became aware of the infamous GDPR, then reached out to IASME to become a Certification Body.

Our Why

“We want to make Cyber Security Simple

“We want to treat all of our clients as we would like to be treated

“We want to over deliver and undercharge – the latter isn’t a typo”

“We want to add value in everything we do”

and most of all “We want to free up your time, so you can focus on Your Business

Meet the team

Prepare yourself! The material below is not suitable for mere mortals!

Rory Black and White


Captain Breen (Lead Assessor)

Typically techy geek, too much of a perfectionist for his own good (and everybody else).

Much more comfortable behind a keyboard and mouse than doing home DIY (he's dangerous with a drill)

Nathan Picture


Private Murray (Technical Support Admin)

Loves all thing tech. Fancies himself as a bit of an artist on the side.

Nathan helps in the background to keep the wheels moving, and is always the first to answer the phone.

Duncan Pic


Lieutenant Reid (Cyber Essentials/Plus Assessor)

Likes to build and break stuff, everything from cars to home projects. He's been into his IT since the 80's and helps with all things Cyber Essentials Plus.

Gary Pic


Lieutenant Coleman (Cyber Specialist)

Gary is our cyber specialist and focuses on Penetration Testing and other related projects.

Luke Pic


Sergeant McConkey (Dressage)

Luke makes us all look good, and i mean literally - he's our designer and all things graphic and visual.

What our clients say

Rather than listening to us rant on, have a listen to what several of our clients have to say about us.

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