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We help our clients squeeze risk out of their organisation, by following existing and recommended industry standards.

We are a Certification Body, who have been trained and are licensed by ‘The IASME Consortium’ or IASME for short, to work with You, to help you become certified.

Our programmes are based around two core standards:-

  • Cyber Essentials Scheme” which focuses on 5 basic technical controls, and is a simple yet effective, Government backed framework that will help protect your organisation against a range of the most common internet based cyber attacks.
  • IASME Governance Standard” takes a more comprehensive risk-based approach and includes aspects such as physical security, staff awareness and data backup. Written along similar lines to ISO 27001, the IASME standard is more affordable and achievable for SMEs. This standard incorporates Cyber Essentials and a GDPR assessment.

Our primary goals are to make your certification journey, as simple and stress free as possible.

Both standards are available in two variants, self assessed where your answers are externally moderated, and fully audited where an assessor conducts a remote/onsite formal review to ensure the appropriate controls are in place.


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Cyber Essentials Programmes

We aim to make the programme as straight forward as possible, and for clients would strongly recommend you consider one of the packages that includes Help, as the standard may prove more challenging than you think.

This programme is independently verified via self-assessment.


Cyber Essentials Package 1

Assessment Only

Assessment Fee Only

Cyber Essentials Package 2

Little Bit of Help

Includes £300 Assessment Fee
As Package 1
Single Answer Review Prior to submission
Customised Q and A Spreadsheet
Dedicated Customer Area
Basic Email Assessment Support
Let's Chat
Free 15 Min Consultant Chat

Cyber Essentials Package 3


Includes £300 Assessment Fee
As Package 2
Unlimited Answer Review Prior to Submission
Let's Chat
15 Min Consultant Chat

Cyber Essentials Package 4

Lots of help

Includes £300 Assessment Fee
As Package 3
Consultant Remote Session to go through Q and A Sheet
1 Hour Consultant Led Kick-off Meeting
Cyber Essentials templates and Policies
Upgrade to include Telephone Support + £100
Let's Chat
15 Min Consultant Chat

Cyber Essentials Plus Programmes

Cyber Essentials Plus Involves a technical audit of the systems that are in-scope of the assessment. It includes an appraisal of a representative set of user devices, all internet gateways and all servers accessible to internet users.

The assessor will typically select a random sample of systems, normally around 10%.

Cyber Essentials Plus provides a greater level of assurance than the self-assessed level.

Our programme offering is designed specifically to ensure you are informally compliant before the assessor is booked in, and includes daily/weekly compliance reports to create a to-do list of actions in advance of the formal audit.

Cyber Essentials Plus - Package 1

Micro Clients


Optional +£400 to include our Managed Cyber Essentials (saving £300)

Up to 5 Computers and 5 Mobile Devices
1 Primary Site
Cyber Essentials Plus Assessment Fee
Cyber Essentials Plus Report
Cloud Agent for duration of the programme

Cyber Essentials Plus - Package 2

Small Clients


Optional +£500 to include Cyber Essentials

As Package 1
Upto 10 Computers and 10 Mobile Devices
2 Primary Sites

Cyber Essentials Plus - Package 3

Medium Clients


Optional +£400 to include our Managed Cyber Essentials (saving £300)

As Package 2
Upto 20 Computers and 20 Mobile DevicesDevices
Upto 5 Sites

Ongoing Compliance Packages

Cyber Essentials is a point in time assessment, but the entire purpose of the scheme and the journey is to reduce your cyber risk.

We have created several low-cost packages, that help you stay on the “straight and narrow”.

So as well as reducing risk on a day to day basis, it also means come renewal time, you can rest assured that you may need a minor “tweak here or a tweak there” to refresh your compliance – rather than a last-minute mad rush.

We all want a loss stress life, that’s CyberSecuritiesUK are here for!


Monthly Compliance


£100+VAT Monthly

Minimum Term 3 Months

Weekly/Monthly Patching Report
Weekly/Monthly Vulnerability Report
Unlimited Mac/Linux/Windows Endpoints
Unlimited External Vulnerability IP Addresses

Monthly Compliance


£200+VAT Monthly

Minimum Term 6 Months

As Bronze
Patching/Vulnerability Support via Email

Monthly Compliance


£300+VAT Monthly

Minimum Term 12 Months

As Silver
Automated Windows Patching
Automated Third Party Application Patching

IT Fix Work

In most instances, we would strongly advise that your current IT Support partner works with you to implement the technical controls around the Cyber Essentials Scheme; however, in some situations, this is not possible.

For customers without IT Support or where their current provider refuses to assist (this, unfortunately, does happen on occasion).

Our programme will involve an initial telephone discussion to determine if we can help you. If we can, we will then agree a custom plan to bring you up-to-the required standard.


IT Re-Work Bronze

Upto 10 devices in scope. Software/Hardware Purchases are Excluded

Telephone Scoping Discussion
Gap Analysis Report
Access Control Fix
Secure configuration Fix
Software Updates
Malware protection Fix
Firewalls and routers Fix

IT Rework - Silver

Subscription - Minimum Term 12 Months. Per Device Pricing

£15+VAT Monthly
Includes Bronze Tier
Managed Antivirus
Managed Patching
Network Protection

IT Rework - Gold

Subscription - Minimum Term 12 Months. Per Device Pricing

£25+ VAT Monthly
Includes Silver Tier
Email Protection
Office 365 Security
Monthly Reporting Pack