Monthly Cyber Services

These products can be used alongside your Certification or standalone and primarily focus on Office 365 and email security.

What we do

We offer a range of monthly cyber services including Office 365 protection & reporting and email security.

Our Monthly Cyber Services Services

Office 365 Protection and Reporting

Unfortunately Office 365 is a key target for the bad guys, once they are in – they can impersonate key members of staff.

Would you know if your Office 365 system had been hacked ?

Using our Office 365 Protection and Reporting product we can help you answer that and more importantly stay safe.

Office 365 Protection icon : Cyber Security & CyberEssentials Certification from CyberSecuritiesUK

Email Security

Email is the number one vector for sophisticated threats that are targeting your organization. 

 Remember – its now people rather than infrastructure that are the targets.

Our email security product focuses on Ransomware and Phishing Protection, Blocking Malicious websites when you click on an email link, and Real time link checking when you click on a link in an email.

Cyber Essentials PLUS icon : Certified Cyber Security Certification in Merseyside

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