Cyber Services

We help businesses to protect their assets, data, and customers from damaging cyber breaches.  We take the time to understand your business segment and about your requirements.

Cyber Certification

We help our clients squeeze risk out of their organisation, by following existing and recommended industry standards.


Cyber Essentials

The CE programme is independently verified via self-assessment.

Cyber Essentials Plus

CE Plus provides a greater level of assurance than the self-assessed level.

IT Fix Work

Custom plans to bring you IT up-to-the required standard.
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Managed Security & IT


Cyber Security & Consultancy

Unique and customised to meet your requirements

Virtual IT Security Director

Do you need day to day help with General IT & Consultancy?

Adhoc Security/Compliance

Working with clients to offer them targeted expertise when required.

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Monthly Cyber Security

Our monthly cyber security services can be used alongside your Certification or standalone. They primarily focus on Office 365 and email security.


Office 365 Protection & Reporting

Our Office 365 Protection and Reporting software can identify vulnerabilities and identify hacks.

Email Security

Email is the number one vector for sophisticated threats that are targeting your organization.

"We want to add value in everything we do."

Rory Breen, MD

Specialist IT Services

These services cover more specific and specialised services, include Penetration Testing and PCI Services.


PCI Compliance

Helping businesses with PCI compliance testing, reporting and submission.

Penetration Testing

We offer web penetration testing and related services based on your exact requirements.

Vulnerability Scanning

Weekly or Monthly guidance on plugging holes in your businesses' security