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Specialist Security Services

These services cover more specific and specialised services, include Penetration Testing and PCI Services.


Specialist Services

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PCI Compliance

We use one of the most accurate, easy and cost-effetive cloud solutions on the market, to help you with PCI compliance testing, reporting and submission.

As each clients requirements are different we strongly advise you book a short online chat with one of our team.


Penetration Testing

We offer several approaches based on your exact requirements. Our
consultant works full time in the field and has years of experience.

We specialise in Web Penetration testing and related services.


As each project is based on your unique requirements we strongly advise you reach out to have a chat.


Weekly/Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

Increasingly, clients are asking for guidance on plugging holes in their security, and this starts with ensuring your computers are kept up to date and also any vulnerabilities are resolved.

We offer a cloud agent-based product which conducts scans several times a day regardless of where your devices are located.


Monthly Scan Bronze

Internal Scan Only


Monthly, Minimum 3 Months

Cloud Agent Scanning
Monthly Reporting
Reports emailed to you

Monthly Scan Silver

Internal and External


Monthly, Minimum 3 Months

As Bronze
Unlimited External IP Scan

Monthly Scan Gold

Internal and External


Monthly, Minimum 3 Months

As Silver
Weekly Reporting
Optional - Monthly Report Consultancy +£150