Google Calendar Just Made This Easier for Hybrid Workers

Have you heard about the latest productivity update from our friends at Google?

They’ve just added a little feature to Google Calendar that could make your life a whole lot easier – especially if you’re a hybrid worker.

Remember back in 2021 when they first introduced the option to share your working location with your colleagues? They’ve taken it up a notch.

Google just added a new feature to their Calendar that’s perfect for hybrid workers. Now, you can set multiple working locations for any given day, so your colleagues know where to find you.

This is a game-changer for people who split their time between the office and home, or who work from different locations on different days. For example, if you’re only in the office for half a day, you can set your working location to the office for that time period. This will help to ensure that your colleagues don’t schedule meetings with you when you’re not available.

Google is all about helping us work smarter, not harder. They know that heaps of us are still working remotely, or juggling a mix of office and remote work. This update is specially designed for hybrid workers.

It’s only available to those with a Workspace account, including:

  • Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus
  • Enterprise Standard/Plus
  • Education Fundamentals/Standard/Plus
  • The Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  • Nonprofits

Unfortunately, personal accounts won’t have access just yet.

The working location feature will be switched on by default. But if you prefer that your colleagues can’t find you (we’re not judging… we all get distracted at work) you can easily disable it.

If we can help you get the most out of everyday applications like calendars and email, get in touch.

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