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The SeaKing Group Case Study

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The Challenge

Matthew and Tom (Internal IT Support), with an external consultant, struggled to prepare for their Cyber Essentials/Plus assessment. Initially, the engagement with CyberSecurituesUK was based on our standard programme, but as a commercial deadline loomed, it became clear additional support was required.

The Solution

CyberSecuritiesUK worked with SeaKing to deploy our CyberEssentials Discovery And Update Agent; this allowed us to automate both operating system and third-party patching/updates. We also used the agent to complete several answers in the Cyber Essentials Assessment, particularly related to Program Versions.

Based on reporting using our Vulnerability Agent, we were also able to automatically resolve, approximately 90% of any detected non-compliance. This left a handful of programs that required manual intervention, which fell to Matthew and Tom to resolve.

This resulted in SeaKing gaining both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus in record time.

The Outcome

The management team at SeaKing signed up for CyberSecuritiesUK Discovery and Update agent on a monthly subscription basis (with our bundled Vulnerability Agent), which means that they will continue to remain compliant (with some manual updates along the way), and this should fast track renewal of their accreditation when it falls due next time around.

We estimate that with the installation of the agent, this has saved SeaKing approximately 30 minutes per computer per month – based on 40 devices, this equates to over 20 hours per month!

Rory and the team at CyberSecuritiesUK could not have been more helpful and professional. If it was not for their guidance, we may have struggled to receive our Cyber Essentials Plus, but due to the Vulnerability Agent which they have invented, we achieved this without any issues, as it helped us find most of our problems and get rid of them for us.

Once again, thank a big thank you to Rory and all the team at CyberSecuritiesUK.

Tom Sharrock