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Dalziel Group Case Study

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The Challenge

David can now rest easy at night, knowing his environment is more secure than ever; additionally, working with CyberSecuritiesUK we have placed Dalziel in a strong position to meet Cyber Essentials/Plus certification.

We estimate that using our automated solution likely saves David and his team somewhere in the region of thirty to sixty minutes per device per month – this roughly equates to one full time role.

The Solution

David and his team of two, were aware of the need to improve their CyberSecurity. However, they were unsure where to start and what tasks to prioritise. They had already implemented an internal patching process but were aware of a number of challenges.

Their main challenges concerned:-

  • Computers not checking in with their WSUS server
  • Outdated third party programs
  • Windows Store apps with known vulnerabilities
  • Time-consuming to deploy and install Dell Vendor Updates
  • Limited overall vulnerability management strategy

The Outcome

Working with CyberSecuritiesUK we helped them implement a company-wide vulnerability management programme. This included the deployment of our Bespoke Cyber Security Discovery and Update Agent, and for additional confidence, the installation of an internal/external vulnerability scanner with weekly reporting. Throughout the project, CyberSecuritiesUK followed best practices according to the UK Governments Cyber Essentials Scheme.

During Project Rollout and Testing, we worked together to overcome several issues relating to Dell Computer Updates, Out of Date Windows Store Apps, and also ensuring computers were correctly checking in with the company’s WSUS servers. These three challenges were resolved by using custom scripts with automated scheduling.

The other things I got out of the project was a better understanding of a base build for a new PC, and our remote management of computers is much better. We can also respond to active vulnerabilities much more quickly.