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We aim to make the Cyber Essentials programme as straight forward as possible

What is Cyber Essentials

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Cyber Essentials Certification is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

CE is a set of basic technical controls to help businesses protect themselves against online threats. It is beneficial for all businesses, no matter the size, or sector.

We aim to make the programme as straightforward as possible, and having the CE certification can assure you that your defences will protect against the majority of common cyber attacks, because the attacks look for targets without these controls in place, giving your organisation and your customers, peace of mind.

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Have cybersecurity insurance that covers ransomware
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Have cybersecurity insurance
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The Benefits of Cyber Essentials

CE technical controls help to protect your organisation from a large variety of the most common cyber threats. This is important because when you are vulnerable to the more simple online attacks, this can mark you as a target for cyber criminals and others who may prey on you for more in depth attacks in the future.

Customers will have reassurance that you are prioritising securing your business, and working to secure your IT against cyber attacks. A CE certification will work to reassure existing customers and attract new business, whilst reaffirming your reputation as a secure organisation.

Cyber Essentials has become obligatory for many government contracts to ensure that their suppliers are meeting a basic level of security. Certification means that you will be ahead of the curve, and ahead of the competition when bidding for government contracts.

As well as having the ability to bid for government tenders, a CE certification will help your organisation to win new business by not only displaying a commitment to cyber security, but by also demonstrating your cyber credentials.

Cyber Essentials certification also includes automatic cyber liability insurance for any UK organisation who certifies their whole organisation and have less than £20m annual turnover ( terms apply.)


What we do

We aim to make the programme as straight forward as possible, and for clients would strongly recommend you consider one of the packages that includes help, as the standard may prove more challenging than you think.

We help our clients squeeze risk out of their organisation, by following existing and recommended industry standards.

We are a Certification Body, who have been trained and are licensed by ‘The IASME Consortium’ or IASME for short, to work with You, to help you become certified.

Our programmes are based around two core standards:-

“Cyber Essentials Scheme” which focuses on 5 basic technical controls, and is a simple yet effective, Government backed framework that will help protect your organisation against a range of the most common internet based cyber attacks.

“IASME Governance Standard” takes a more comprehensive risk-based approach and includes aspects such as physical security, staff awareness and data backup. Written along similar lines to ISO 27001, the IASME standard is more affordable and achievable for SMEs. This standard incorporates Cyber Essentials and a GDPR assessment.

Our primary goals are to make your certification journey, as simple and stress free as possible.

Both standards are available in two variants, self assessed where your answers are externally moderated, and fully audited where an assessor conducts a remote/onsite formal review to ensure the appropriate controls are in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All new certificates issued by the IASME will have a 12 month expiry date.

No, you do not have to be UK based. Overseas organisations can also get certification.

All clients can expect feedback on any aspect of the assessment which is not fully compliant. This feedback should help improve your security so you can pass in the future.

Our Packages

Fully Managed/Lots of Help

Cyber Essentials Package #3
£ 800 + VAT
  • *Micro Organisation Assessment Fee
  • Unlimited Answer Review Prior to Submission
  • Consultant Remote Session to go through Q and A Sheet
  • 1 Hour Consultant Led Kick-off Meeting
  • CE Templates & Policies
  • Companion Online Course
  • Comprehensive Consultancy

Renewal with No Changes /Little Bit Of Help

Cyber Essentials Package #2
£ 550 + VAT
  • *Micro Organisation Assessment Fee
  • Unlimited Answer Review Prior to Submission
  • Basic Consultancy Only

Assessment Only

Cyber Essentials Package #1
£ 300 + VAT
  • *Micro Organisation Assessment Fee

* Additional fees apply if you have more 10 or more employees/volunteers :-

  • Small Organisation (10 to 49 Employees) +£100
  • Medium Organisations (50 to 249 Employees) +£150
  • Large Organisation (250+ Employees) +£200