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It’s Time to Ramp Up Your Email Security


From email correspondence to private financial transactions, businesses depend on email to stay connected and perform work effectively. However, when this mode of communication gets compromised, it can cause damaging effects on your organisation.

With the prominence of data breaches among organisations, it is ideal to use email security solutions to stay in control of your data and reduce the risk of being hacked. Doing this will make you worry less about the files you are sending and receiving, letting you focus more on your core business processes. After all, when you purchase a reliable email security product, you can also receive cyber security features and normally professional support.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of using advanced email security solutions and recommend several products that you can deploy in your company.

Benefits of Using Email Security Solutions

Protection and Security

Secure email services help organisations avoid email threats through real-time detection, fending off some of the most advanced threats like malware, spam, spoofing, phishing,  ransomware, and business email compromise. They also offer other key protection features, including anti-fraud, data loss prevention (DLP), and sandbox analysis integration. With their threat intelligence infrastructures, they can identify new malware strains to provide email security and eliminate email threats before they even reach your email program.


Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organisations that suffer data breach could be hit with enormous fines. As such, you need to implement appropriate security measures to mitigate your risk liability. Using email security software is one way to protect your data and help you comply with the law.

Readily Available

Email security solutions are always available for purchase by companies. They can integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, whether you are using a hosted or on-premise email system. If you want to enhance threat detection and create a fully protected email environment, email security services are a must-have.

Examples of Outstanding Email Security Solutions

Since the majority of cyber attacks are related to online attacks, it really is necessary to install reliable email protection.. Here are some of the security products that you can consider.

  1. DuoCircle

Traditional spam filtering tools struggle to keep up with new threats, putting your company files at risk. Authors of sophisticated ransomware, crypto locker, and phishing techniques could send an email from a domain or a URL with a good reputation, but change the safe content to harmful payload later on. It allows them to bypass the first line of defence, thereby infecting your computer with malware.

Malware can also penetrate company networks and access the victim’s data, such as login credentials and financial account information.

As a response to these advanced threats, you can get email cyber services like DuoCircle’s cost-effective email hosting solution. It offers advanced antivirus and anti-spam filtering, protecting you from spam, viruses, and other forms of malware. It also provides malicious link URL protection and phishing guard that can prevent phishing attempts. DuoCircle is our favourite and it what we use to protect our clients.

  1. Mimecast

In phishing attacks, hackers send messages that appear to be from a legitimate person or company, tricking individuals into revealing sensitive data like bank account numbers, passwords, or credit card information. Spear phishing attacks take it a step further by targeting specific individuals, intending to sell confidential data to private companies. Using a powerful tool to defend your business from ever-evolving phishing schemes will be a great help.

Mimecast is one of the leading email cyber security products available in the marketplace. They offer various security applications to protect organisations from web-based threats. Their Email Security platform works as a secure gateway, so threats are blocked before they even enter your network.

This tool offers real-time malware defence, protecting users against malware, spam, and zero-day attacks. It also has an attachment sandboxing feature, and it gives you real-time visibility over your email network. While it may be quite expensive, it provides arguably the best level of email protection available.

  1. Barracuda Sentinel

Corporate Account Takeover is a kind of identity fraud wherein criminals gain control of an account by stealing employee login credentials. These attacks originate from legitimate accounts, which make it almost impossible for the security solution to track malicious actions. Traditional email security software doesn’t usually monitor internal traffic and cannot stop an attack originating internally where your email platform is hosted at in your office.

Barracuda Sentinel can conduct an email security check to identify account takeover attempts and attacks from compromised accounts. By examining both historical and inbound data, this software can detect behavioural, content, and link-forwarding irregularities within your network as well as flag and contain falsified emails. It can also prevent attempts to get employee credentials illegally by automatically blocking targeted phishing messages.

Domain spoofing and brand hijacking are some social engineering techniques performed by hackers. These can be targeted towards employees, clients, external partners, and other third parties that support your company. Unauthorised personnel impersonating your brand with malicious intent could result in financial losses and damage to your brands’ reputation.

Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance is responsible for stopping domain spoofing attacks. Today, many organisations find it hard to set up and enforce DMARC on their own, leaving their systems vulnerable to digital attacks. If the organisation has a lot of email senders that deliver email on their behalf, they need to have clear visibility of all the traffic in their network.

Barracuda Sentinel can protect your company from email domain fraud through its DMARC monitoring, reporting, and analysis features. This helps companies set up DMARC enforcement correctly and reduces the possibility of blocking legitimate email or falsely identifying the legitimate sender.

Final Thoughts

If your business uses email daily, which most of us do, deploying email security solutions is a good investment. This improves the way you communicate and addresses the day-to-day issues that your company faces. Having a solid foundation of cyber security measures will help you to meet any regulatory requirements.

Considering that there is a whole host of email security services in the market, it’s challenging to choose which solution is most suitable for you. In the end, it’s up to every business owner to evaluate his or her needs and decide which threats you wish to protect yourself against.

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